A complete range of pool chemicals for pool water maintenance. Sanitizing kits and systems also available.

Our wide selection of standard and specialized products in various formats will ensure an optimal water balance and will quickly resolve any water maintenance issues.

Our products have been designed to give consumers a trouble-free and easy-to-care-for pool so that they have more free time to actually enjoy it. From pool opening and closing kits to shock treatments and water tests, we have everything pool owners need to enjoy safe and clear pool water all season long.

Balance, sanitize and maintain optimal water quality: your Sani Marc manufacturer has all the right products for a great pool season. For water clarify, we offer complete enzyme-based solutions and fast-acting lithium-based clarifiers. We also make a full range of products to keep the water’s pH balance in check. And for environmentally-friendly pool maintenance, we have a full line of eco-friendly products.

"Sani Marc makes all the products needed for a great pool season"